Testimonials About My Workshops and Master Heart™ Programs:

“Before I participated in Gary’s “Safe to Love Again” weekend workshop I was single for many years because I was hiding myself like a turtle in her house. I didn’t feel safe with men to come out of my turtle house. In the workshop I learned which parts of my brain affect some of my behaviors but it wasn’t until the second day when I learned what ties I have with my relatives and family where I really had such an immense breakthrough. After interviewing my parents about my ancestors I realized that none of my female ancestors had a pleasant experience in relationship with men. When I came to that awareness that I have been acting on the fears of my ancestors I made tremendous shifts in my love life. I dared to let men into my life and my body. Today, I am in a relationship with the man of my dreams. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks Gary for ushering me into a new paradigm of possibilities! I am forever grateful.”

~ Antje & Jahnke

Penny Dyer, Ph.D

“Before my time spent under Gary’s wing, I wasn’t half the man I am today. He guided me to find my Higher Self, and he taught me so much more than I thought one person could offer. His teachings have led me from being a confused and lost soul, to someone that now resonates with their inner love. I have been put in touch with the deepest, most powerful part of my being, and I have never felt more confident with my role in this world. I truly feel very fortunate that my path has crossed his, and I will always hold him in the highest regard, as my friend, and my mentor.”

~ Ian Espinocilla
College Student

Penny Dyer, Ph.D

“Dr. Salyer has been a life-changing agent for me. Gary has helped me understand that there are many flavors of love and connection. After his workshops and seminars, I know what I want and what to look for in a life-partner. He makes the journey into one’s soul and background enjoyable and meaningful. His classes are exciting and fulfilling. I highly recommend his workshops and the inner journey he is able to unlock. Going to Dr. Salyer ‘s Master Heart Program is not like attending most events; he not only has valuable information to offer, but also he works with you as an individual to bring about amazing changes in your life that you don’t even expect!”

~ Penny Dyer, Ph.D
Curriculum Design Institute

Penny Dyer, Ph.D

“I highly recommend Dr. Gary Salyer’s workshops and joining the Master Heart Program. Dr. Salyer does an amazing job at facilitating and enlightening on the subject of love. The group was very intimate and committed to supporting each other, learning from Dr. Gary and finding out what they were resisting in love. The biggest plus was that it was fun. I walked away with a clearer idea about my own love background and journey. Being part of the Master Heart Program has made a huge impact in my current relationship. Thank you Dr. Salyer!”

~ Rosie Zepeda, “The Closer”
Speaker, Author and Master Peak Performance Coach

Rosie Zepeda, The Closer

“I recently had an amazing experience of being part of a powerful mastermind women’s group led by Dr Gary Salyer. He led us individually and collectively to discover some amazing insights into how we perceive love and how those perceptions affect the choices we’ve been making in our relationships. In just weeks, I’ve had some immediate and wonderful shifts in my relationship not only with the man I’m dating but also with my parents and other family members. I have Dr. Salyer’s Master Heart Program to thank for that.

Gary Salyer offers an opportunity for you to have a dynamic experience of discovering and rediscovering what you really feel about love and relationships. I believe his workshops have the potential not only to save women (and men) from a lot of avoidable heartache but also to light the way to finding love that feels good.”

~ Sabrina Grossman, CHHC
Off The Plateau-Weight Loss Method

Sabrina Grossman, The Feel Good Weight Loss Coach


Testimonials About Private Sessions:

“Working with you has improved my life. After only three sessions you have provided me with positive life changing results. Before our sessions, I was experiencing a lot of fear, anxiety, lack of confidence and clarity about who I am and where I am going. Since working with you, I am experiencing freedom, confidence and clarity about who I am and where I am going. My life has been easier. I feel clear, confident. I am enjoying where I am instead of worrying about my future or feeling guilty about my past. My anxiety level went from an 8 down to about 2 or 3. I don’t even recognize myself. I let the process and your guidance lead me to new places that I could not have imagined. I have spent a lot of time and money striving to reach the place that only a few short sessions with you has given me. Thank you for all the transformation you helped me achieve. I appreciate your caring ways. I trust you with my life and my friends’ lives.”

~ Cindy Kamrin
Marketing and Sales Executive

Cindy Karmin

“At our third monthly session I was surprised when I realized that I had everything I said I wanted in the previous sessions. These changes in my life occurred in a way that felt so safe and natural that I was unaware of them until I looked back at where I was only 3 months ago. I strongly recommend Dr. Gary Salyer to anyone who is ready to have what they want!”

~ Sam Dicker
Software Engineer

Sam Dicker, Software Engineer

“Gary’s expertise is in reframing your old beliefs into new ones that support you… I remember how amazed I would be when, within days of our session, I found myself thinking the new ideas effortlessly as if I had always thought them. What I accomplished with Gary in one session could not be accomplished in years and years of traditional talk therapy. I highly recommend him!”

~ Elaine Goldman
CEO and Founder, Reclaim Your Sexy

Elaine Goldman

“Working with Gary in private NLP sessions has helped me make life-altering transformations in how I view and approach my relationships with my family, friends, and potential life partners. When it comes to practitioners who are in it to genuinely be of service to others, Gary is “the real deal”. I highly recommend Gary for his authenticity, his kindness, his passion for his work, and his commitment to assisting and empowering his clients in having healthy and fulfilling relationships of all kinds.”

~ Grace Cloyd
Owner-Astrologer-Numerologist at Life By Soul

Grace Cloyd, Astrologer-Numerologist at Life By Soul