Take Small Steps

with Devin Galaudet

Devin Galaudet has been the Editor and Publisher of In The Know Bride and In The Know Traveler, which showcases his 20+ years studying, teaching, and exploring the Western Hermetic Tradition and traditional Kabbalah in the world around us. His latest projects include The Mystical Solution to Modern Love (a class series dedicated to helping women find the love they want), the e-book Women Are Smarter Than Men and other secrets that every Marriage Minded Woman Needs to Know. Devin aspires to marry to his lovely wife, Morgana 100 times in 100 countries. So far he has married her 16 times in 12 countries and has received one knighthood. He owns a Masters in Fine Arts. His writing can be found on the Huffington Post, Skylife Magazine and The Citron Review among others. 

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