How to Create Lasting Love

How to Create Lasting Love

(Without Feeling Tied Down or Constantly Worried It Might Go Away)

How can couples create better relationships? Let’s face it, maintaining a passionate relationship that resonates with joy isn’t as easy as it looks in all those romantic movies. One of the secrets to making any relationship better is to ‘lean into’ your partner more and more. We must listen closely to our partner and their needs for them to feel securely loved. The problems come when we get stuck in patterns where we listen more to our ‘inner drama’ than our partner. When we listen more to our inner voices than what our partner is saying, we cease truly seeing or hearing them.   This is a game where nobody wins and both partners cease feeling cherished or nourished.


So what’s the antidote? In a word, deep appreciation (OK, that’s two words, I’ll admit it!) When we lean in, listen and fully appreciate our partner something marvelous is created – a ‘we.’ This sense of belonging to a dynamic and committed ‘we’ is the feeling for which we all long. From this committed sense of ‘we-ness’ comes all the other things we long for, like passion and romance. Love adores a ‘we’ and it thrives best on the soil of passion and appreciation. Abiding love is a simple S/Hero’s journey from single ‘I-dentity’ to a ‘We-dentity.’ If you want to learn about the best techniques for appreciating each other that Dr. Dianne Frost and I teach in our workshops and retreats, as well as how to inspire more romance in your relationship, you might want to listen to what we share in our TV show interview with Dr. Cheryl below.







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