When Consciousness Meets Commitment

Just feeling the energy of 1400 conscious people playing a higher game with life can change your life. I had no idea that going to Dallas this week to attend the e-Women Network National Conference would so profoundly change my life. The energy of the women who attended showed me so much what it means to play not only business, but life at a higher level. There was just a different ‘vibration’ there.

Gary Salyer to Speak at ewomen 2014

I came to Dallas with but one goal in mind. On the plane to the convention, I asked myself, ‘What are my intentions?’ My goal was simple. I would come to serve whomever the Universe would have cross my path. I just wanted to listen and serve in all of the conversations I would find there. But the Universe had another intention in mind.

Then I had one conversation that would change the entire week for me. I was strolling down the isle of vendors when suddenly one of my business coaches spied me. She came over and we hugged. Brandy said something that totally surprised me. She said, “Gary, I’ve been hearing about you this week. At least 3 or 4 women have told me they met this amazing coach who helps women get safe to love again. His name is Gary Salyer… I told them, Yes, I know Gary.

Then, she hit me with a lightning bolt. Brandy looked me square in the eyes and said, “Gary, you are creating buzz around here. Women are loving your work! You need to apply to speak on stage next year. Now go, get an application and apply. You need to be on stage next year here.
I was floored. For the next two days, I mulled over this idea. As I was mulling, I had still more of those conversations.

On Saturday evening that still, small voice of the Universe began to speak to me. It simply said, “These are your people Gary. You have found your national community. Now, I want you to join e-Women Network, participate at the local level, and commit to speaking next year.

So I set my intention for just that on Saturday evening. I joined on Sunday.

Then a funny thing happened the next morning. In the big meeting room, Linda Clemons was speaking. She was coaching three women on stage with her. Abruptly she said, “I need a man.” I didn’t even think about it. My hand just shot up as if by some force. Low and behold, I was on the very stage I set my intention to be on in a year.

Except, it was the next day I was on it!

As I looked out at those five hundred people, I sensed that Voice say to me one final time, “Take a look Gary, this is who you need to speak to next year.”

I’ve saved that picture in my mind as I prepare to take my message to the entire nation next year. I learned a big lesson in that moment. It was no accident that I was on stage the very next morning after I committed to such a big vision. This was the Universe honoring my commitment and my intention. Such is what always happens when clear vision and commitment join forces.

As Goethe once famously said, “The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred….

So let me say it now, I am committed to taking my message to this conference and these women next year. The lesson here also applies to love and relationships. The moment clear intention is met with commitment then all manner of unforeseen things can happen in a relationship.

Commitment is a powerful tool that the Universe uses to bring about great things. Yes, there is also wisdom and many other things it uses as well. But let’s be clear about it; nothing good ever happens without a commitment.

I can’t explain it, but I am committed to this organization now.

I will find a way to serve locally and nationally.

They are my tribe.

This is my calling.

What can I say but ‘Yes’?