Let’s begin your journey to lasting love…

Thank you for allowing yourself to receive more support for lasting love in your life!  I’m so happy to be on this journey with you.  Below you will find video exercises to empower your journey to lasting love.  You’ll also find a guide to help you open your eyes and your heart to the love you deserve. These resources will guide and support you as you continue reading the book. 

For all of the video exercises, it is best if you;

  • Find a quiet space that’s not your bed so you can go deep inside yourself and enjoy the journey.  
  • Find an unhurried time where you have about 10 minutes for yourself.
  • Listen to these exercises with an open heart and repeat as often as you like.
My Love Possibility Generator
 (for Chapter 1)

There are days, maybe for you that love feels impossible and you can’t even imagine a future that leads to love.  Maybe you think you’re too old, too fat or too skinny, too short or too tall, too smart or too dumb, too independent or too dependent or whatever.  Maybe you feel you are just plain not good enough.  This exercise will help you create real hope for the love that you truly deserve!

The Body and Soul of Deserving 
 (for Chapter 2)

​​​​​​​Maybe love feels possible for you but you secretly feel like you don’t deserve it.  Maybe you think you’re a bad person, you’re broken or unworthy of love.  The real secret is that everyone deserves a love that lasts, including you.  This exercise returns you to the body and soul of deserving so you can remember the part of you that has always been and always will be worthy of love. 

Releasing the Pain of Past Relationships 
 (for Chapter 3)

Even if you’ve had bad relationships in the past - you’ve been broken hearted, cheated on, cheated on another . . . you don’t have to carry that pain into your new relationships.  You can release the pain of your past relationships and start from a place of possibility. This short exercise will lead the way.

Seeing the World through Secure Eyes
 (for Chapters 4-8)

​​​​​​​How can you see your possibilities for love differently when there’s so much ‘evidence’ that it can’t or won’t ever work for you?  In this video, I’ll show you how to find your way out of the hopelessness that your brain creates to keep you safe from heartbreak.  This video will invite your whole self into the reality that love is waiting just around the corner for you.  You can see it even now.

Seeing the World through Eyes of Secure Love: The Perceptual Filter Guide to Recalibrate Your Brain’s GPS for Love
 (for Chapters 4-8)

Love needs a place of possibility to bloom.  The greatest truth I’ve ever learned is there is no such thing as hopeless. There’s only your brain protecting you from the possibility of heartbreak. To keep you safe, your heart hides the possibilities of love that are sitting in plain sight. This guide will open your eyes to the buffet of love that you have already arrived at.  In fact, it’s all around you.

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You should never walk the journey to lasting love alone.  Recently a client said to me, “It feels like I’ve got to go it alone!”  And I get it!  I’ll bet you’ve been there at sometime too.  But it takes a village to find your way to love.  So I’ve created a group on Facebook where you can continue being supported, get your questions answered, share your victories and your hurts, and find the lasting love you so deserve.  I invite you to click on this link and join the community so you can have the love you so richly deserve.​​​​​​

In love and light,
© 2019 Dr. Gary Salyer