Dr. Gary D. Salyer is the creator of the Safe to Love Again™ Workshop, Making Love Irresistible™ Workshop and his various Master Heart™ Programs. He is also the author of the forthcoming book, Safe to Love Again: How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Attract Your Soul Mate. Nothing means more to Gary than a nearly broken engagement being resolved, a marriage being healed, a single person learning how to date safely again or just simply, a person learning to trust their innately given ability to love effectively again.

Gary is an avid student of psychology and marriage and family relations. He graduated with a double major from Anderson University, with honors in Psychology. This combination of psychology with marriage and family relations has always been, his true life calling. Eventually, he would work in the mental health field supporting families and children in crisis before pursuing his doctoral studies.

Gary was a teacher at both the undergraduate and graduate levels before taking his passion for love and relationships to the next level. Dr. Salyer comes to relationship coaching as a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. In addition to his extensive background in NLP, Dr. Salyer has also incorporated Bert Hellinger’s "Family Systems" approach into his work with an avowed interest in helping people change the way their generational lineage unfolds in their lives. Gary loves seeing the ‘love lights’ come on in people.

For the past five years, Gary has had a busy private practice helping people transform their lives and find a way to be safe with love. What he began to notice is how people tend to get stuck in repetitive and painful patterns in their relationships. Furthermore, most had tried traditional methods of ‘therapy’ or ‘coaching’ that rarely brought them great relationships. To get past this painful impasse, Gary developed his own unique system of change work to help people get safe with love. Dr. Salyer has shared those distinctive insights on many stages as a sought after speaker over the past three years. He now brings the insights of working with hundreds of people in these new, creative and effective ways plus his extensive studies in the area of relationships to all of his workshops and programs.

One of the greatest joys of Dr. Salyer’s life was being a father to his son, Kenny. Even with a busy professional life, Gary found time to coach his son’s baseball teams for nearly a decade. It is with great pride that he has seen his son play both college and professional baseball and graduate with a university degree.

In his spare time, Dr. Salyer enjoys hanging out with his friends, walking and working out, going to the movies – especially Sci-Fi movies, meditation as well as reading in the areas of spirituality and anything new in the sciences. What he values most are the results he has seen his many clients, workshop attendees and program members get as a result of working with him.

Dr. Salyer lives by these two life principles:

  • There are no un-resourceful people, only un-resourceful states
  • A great desired state is when future experience is no predictor of past, painful realities


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